Dear Ms. Clinton,

I get it it, in the great scheme of politics you, and other politicians, probably do not consider my vote all that significant. After all I’m just an average person, living out a fairly average life. The catch is that us average folk make up a much larger part of your voting demographic than the special groups that can afford the huge fancy diner invites that the Democratic Party sends out during various years.

Ms. Clinton do you, or your campaign manager, not vet what your guest speakers are going to say on your behalf? Do you not discuss with them the potential harm they can do to your campaign?

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright thundered, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

No Madam Albright you have it wrong, and on more than one level.

  • First you are assuming that every woman eligible and registered to vote believes in the same theology & mythology of heaven and hell. That is a rather big assumption, and almost everyone has had the phrase ass-u-me drilled into them at one point or another.
  • Second a phrase like that is not a phrase that will unite people, that is a phrase that divides, that pushes people away from each other, because it is a phrase of judgement. In one fell swoop you have categorically passed judgement on all women, stating that to be a good human they, as a  woman, must help each other out or face damnation*.
    (*Again this assumes they believes in the Christian mythos of heaven and hell.)


My next issue with recent events in your campaign.

Feminist leader Gloria Steinem also stirred controversy when she suggested last week that younger women were supporting Sanders just so they could meet boys.

Ms. Steinem are you for real! I grew up in the 70’s, I grew up with Ms. magazines in the house. I grew attending peace rallies, protest marches, and feminist rallies with my parents. To me you were an idol.  Has the fight for equality turned you so bitter that the idea that younger women might prefer to support a particular candidate because the candidate in question represents their values and ethics become foreign to you?

I know we haven’t, yet, won the battle for equality that started long before the suffragists took up the march for the right to vote. I know we’ve a long road to haul yet to gain equality for All. Yet, I can see plain as day, that in one sentence you, yourself Ms. Steinem, have done more harm to the battle for equality and the feminist movement than any detractor could ever do. That leaves me with heartache, deep heartache.

Ms. Steinmen, I invite you to step away from the hallowed halls that make up the foundation of the fight for feminism, and step back into the kitchens & living rooms of all of us younger women – and not the ones actively participating in the fight for feminism, especially those still in dorms, and spend some time in their shoes as they fight their daily struggle to achieve their dreams.

Thanks to you and those others that paved the way, the world today is a lot different from the one of the 60’s & 70’s. I know the movement hasn’t stagnated, it’s grown and evolved, but is there a possibility that those of the first generation are not as in touch with those of the coming generation as they think they are? Just a question, not meant as an offense, merely meant for food for thought.


Ms. Clinton back to you and your campaign. Might I, a regular everyday person, suggest that you, Ms. Clinton, stop trying to play the gender card, you are way to much of a Washington Insider to use it at this stage of your life, and instead focus your campaign on The Issues. You know those things which impact us everyday, non-moneyed, hard working, back bone of this country, voters.

Those are the things we want to hear about, we – despite a certain persons, name starting with t, meteoric rise – don’t want fear mongering, we don’t want to be lied to, and we don’t want false promises. We, the average informed voter, want to know what you as our potential commander in chief bring to the table that no other running candidate brings.

I do know that you are not bringing a consistent track record, I do know that you don’t always get on well with congress – you know the group of people who actually make our countries laws and sets the budget, and I do know that the gop – which is a fairly scary group right now – possibly likes you less than our current President. I know that you flip-flop almost more than your husband did on issues. You have a tendency to say what you think fits the political climate, instead of sticking to issues and strong messages of change and growth. In someways you remind me of former President Reagan, but with less popularity, and that is scary. And none of that endears me to you as a voter.