After years of wondering if I should or shouldn’t, I finally bit the bullet (to borrow a cliche) and have plunged head first into the world of self-publishing.

After much revising, editing, and re-editing I’ve published my first short story. Mind that’s first published not first written.

Click the cover to go to the book at Smashwords

It’s currently available through Smashwords and hopefully soon also at Amazon.

Since this is my first published book I’m running a special for the full month of April.

Your coupon code is XP62N (not case-sensitive).

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Promotional price: $0.00
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Expires: May 1, 2014


April 9th, 2014: Just a quick update I’ve decided to pull the release copy from Amazon until I write the other SixToe stories and can bundle the story’s together. Reason, Amazon won’t let me set a price lower than $2.99 {US} for any book I publish through them. While this story has what I consider a decent length for a short story, I want to keep the price closer to the $0.99 cent mark. Smashwords does offer a kindle friendly mobi format along with the epub, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, read online, and txt formats. So no matter your favorite reading device, short of a traditional bound book, there should be a format for just about every current reading device.

April 11th, 2014:Update again, sometimes I should read more, after much browsing and searching I found the solution to the problem and SixToe is back up at Amazon for the $0.99 {US} price I prefer. It also now includes a better story blurb. Sadly I don’t think Smashbook coupon works at Amazon, but Amazon is available global and if you have a prime account you should be able to borrow the book for free with a kindle device.