11/6/12 Quick note this draft is not the final draft, it is an unedited first draft

© Melinda D. Garren

Sixtoe lay sprawled on the rock. The last of the days warmth radiating up from the stone. He was content in his solitude, surveying the canyon below him. He had had a good evening, killed a deer, eaten well, and stored the rest of the carcass for the next night. He would need to move under shelter soon, the air was scented with fall rain.

Just as he was shifting his weight to get up, he heard a screeching sound. It was not animal, that he knew. Then he heard scraping and crunching sounds, the sounds hurt his ears. He flattened them to his skull and hissed in the direction of the sound.Then his eyes went round and he hurled himself sideways away from the rock he had been relaxing on. A large shape fell from the grey river, bounced off the rock he had just vacated and tumbled down towards the bottom of the ravine.


© Melinda D. Garren 11/3/2012


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