Life got busy with the return of the work year, didn’t leave much time for blogging.

Recently I wasn’t feeling well, and after 2 weeks things weren’t getting better so I bucked up and made myself an appointment. Doctor said more fiber, drop acidic foods and drop the cheese.  I said “but I already eat more than 8 a day between fruits and veg, and almost all of my starches are whole grain …”. I mentally whimpered, a little selfish mental pouting too, I Love Brie & cheddar…. hitched up my grown-up attitude and followed orders. So for a full week I ended up eating vegan (not hubby & kids), and it worked. I started feeling better, the problem cleared up, I’ve slowly added back in the spicy and acidic foods I love, and stayed away from all dairy.

An interesting side event, although I still eat the same foods, just not any dairy, and eat around the same amount of calories within 5 days my weight dropped 5 lbs. Which leads me to believe that although past allergy tests have not indicated a problem I might be allergic to dairy products.

Which means I really have to make some big adjustments to how and with what I cook. I’ll say this much life is never dull.


-Peace, and happy holidays