Bread was getting low, 1/2 a loaf left, so it was time to make more bread. Today I tried the Wheat Bread recipe. Between the 1/2 loaf white, this mornings bagels (the remaining ones), rolls, and 2 loaves of wheat the bread bin is full.

The few seconds between pulling the rolls from the oven and grabbing the camera, Tdd had grabbed a roll and was munching away 😀

Dinner was Stuffed Eggplant, another Moosewood recipe.

Stuffed eggplant with bulgar pilaf

I was going to prep some dough for buttermilk donuts in the morning, but I’m feeling tired so if I’m done cooking/baking for today.

With DH returning to regular graveyard soon, and different nights off, I’ll be switching our menu cycle. Since Friday will become his Monday, that will become our pork night and everything will be shifted to match, which means that our veggie night will switch to Tuesday or Wednesday.