In order baked beans, pasta salad, and bagels.

First the baked beans, made using the recipe from Cooking For Consciousness A Handbook for the Spiritually Minded Vegetarian published by Ananda Marga. I was missing the dry mustard from the recipe, so I’m not sure if that impacted on the flavor. The recipe came out so-so which I think speaks more to missing ingredient than anything else, I doctored them a little with, gasp, a little brown sugar and butter, and they were fine. What was not fine was that no-one else would eat them, they didn’t even try a bite ….. grrrrrr. Which meant I was stuck eating a pot of beans by myself over 3 days. Needless to say I don’t want to see any baked beans for a while, lol.

Second recipe, a tuna-black bean-tomato pasta salad from The Settlement Cookbook, with a vinaigrette from the same book. This came out nice, except for the beans they were a little on the dry side, need to figure out that before I fix this salad again. I made 3 variations on this since Tds is allergic to tomatoes he needed a tomato free version and me, I don’t eat meat, so I needed a tuna free version for me.

I did add diced red onion to it and for mine I added some grated parmesan. Yum :), haven’t heard from DH yet if he liked the regular version, and Tdd picked out the pasta and left the rest.

Last the bagels, which I am renaming manna from heaven. If your on the East Coast, especially Boston to Upstate NY areas, you know how good a good bagel from a good bagel shop can be, how a good bagel is nothing like the Sara Lee or Thomases bagels that are in the grocery stores. Ok now picture yourself stuck in a world where those are the only bagels available, well at the grocers any way, Noah’s and Bruegger’s have found their way to California’s central valley region in the last 10/15 years, but none conveniently close by. Inspired by my success with the bread recipes from the web I searched for a a bagel recipe, found many read through around 10 pages/sites before settling on one that looked promising, Bagels|The Fresh Loaf. Copy & pasted the recipe to word trimmed out a little excess dialog and pictures, great reading just not printer friendly, got it down to a handy 2 pages printed followed to the T, well almost I forgot to sprinkle cornmeal on the baking sheets before baking. My other deviation was I didn’t top most of them, on 4 I sprinkled a little parmesan, the rest I left plain. Mmmmmmm, as soon as one cooled off enough to handle split it, toasted a little butter ……. ahhhhhh heaven, I haven’t had a bagel that good since I lived on the east coast. One bagel plus coffee, I’m full with happy taste buds.

step 1 sponge
step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

oven ready

how long before nibbling begins???