Ever have one of those technology moments where you do something and just totally undo hours of hard work? 😯

Yeah, me too and today was one of them, editing picture in the cooking photo album, went to delete 1 … just 1 picture and accidentally wiped out all pictures in the album, mumble.. 😳 ..mumble, so now I wait while they all get re-uploaded, and then I’m going to have to back and fix links , bleep. According to the up loader it’s going to take about 40 minutes 😦

So while I’m waiting I’m going to add some links to some of my favorite cooking/recipe related you tube videos. Enjoy 🙂

  • Flour Tortillas
  • I love watching this woman cook tortillas, very old school.
  • Bread Making recipes
  • more to come …..

    …….. sorry was watching hectorfergo’s video again, for like the millionth time, did I mention I love watching her cook.
    Pictures are almost done re-up loading, yay. Here are some more video’s for your viewing pleasure.

  • Indian cooking – vahchef
  • more old school ❤

  • Nana’s Homeade Cavatelli – Part 1
  • Nana’s Homeade Cavatelli – Part 2
  • Nana’s Homeade Cavatelli – Part 3
  • Nana’s Homeade Cavatelli – Part 4 (footnote)
  • Watching the old school videos, makes me wish that video could have been shot back in the 70’s when I helped Grandma make apple butter from scratch…… sigh ….. to everyone on you tube who has taken the time to video and upload our older generation cooking from scratch, Thank You, for helping to preserve small bits of our history and different cultures.

    Well the picture are done uploading off to edit the photo album ……. again.