For tonights dinner we are having Stuffed Vegetables courtesy of “Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant“(p72).

{Digression}When we lived in Ithaca, way back in the 80’s, I was fortunate to eat there on a few occasions with my parents. All I can say is, ‘oh yum!!!! the food was heavenly’, and I was thrilled to get the cookbook, it’s 2nd best to actually eating there in person.{/Digression}

It won’t be exact on the recipe tonight, I’m missing a few of the ingredients, so I’ll have to do the best I can.

Ah, I was missing a bit more than I thought, oh well I did the best I could, it should still taste fine.

Got the rice started rice
got the onion started onion
went to pull out the peppers ……. ulp 😯 😳 … only one big one left. what’s a cook to do, grab the mini peppers too 😆 . mini peppers
Stuffed as many as I could, drew the line at most of the ones that barely held a tablespoon of stuffing, put the remaining rice up in the freezer, I’m thinking it’ll go nice with the lentil soup that’s in there. Put 2 custard cups in the pot to keep peppers from sliding down, wait for the final step to finish.ready to cook
(If I remember, I’ll log back on later and add a finished result picture)

heres a couple of random shots

Grandma's bowl
Ok, so this one is a gratuitous mixing bowl shot, I love working with my Grandma’s cooking dishes, pans, and in her old kitchen. Every day I get to cook in there I feel extra blessed.

Final shots & comments
For all that my ingredients didn’t match the recipe 100% dinner came out nice. To make up for the lack of nuts, I served cooked black beans on the side and we topped everything with a light grating of sharp cheddar.

Finished cooking