I love food and it’s obvious 🙂 Apron
The apron was made for me by my Grandma, love.

This last christmas holiday, my folks were generous and gifted us with a digital camera. To which I told my DH, my mom wants pics. I was right after a fashion.

I have found that in addition to blogging I like to take pics of food I’ve cooked. When it comes to cooking I enjoy cooking/baking from scratch and I’m not afraid of complicated recipes, hence the yummy baklava I’ve baked in the past. I can cook almost anything as long as I have a recipe for it, recipe = blueprint for goodness. Am I a fab cook, no just average in my book, but I love to cook and when things come out right well then all’s good.

I was feeling sick recently, and spent the day resting and watching movies. One of the movies I watched was “Julie & Julia”, all I can say is Wow! That is a lot of dedication that she put into her blog and cooking. Me, uh-uh, that’s not my level for this blog, my level is to just share from the kitchen, table, and mind with no end goal other than having shared an experience with whomever wanders across this blog.

…. ah beep the veg is done …… off to have dinner and feed a hungry Husband.